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Why Partner With US - Why | Royel Corp WET
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 Posted: Saturday September 10th, 2016 09:38 pm



Questions: Why Work with us | Why Royel Corp WET | Choosing is the key foundation to being successful. With out a key foundation or cornerstone in life you cannot, cannot be successful.

Example: Every wonder why a strong franchise owner can open up multiple locations vs. a regular store owner starting a store doing it themselves. Theirs a huge difference is the Brand names, The main corporation behind the seems, the ability to adapt and more forward paving new ways, new foundations, new products and services.

Now you can choose any company you want but before you do you need to know everything before making your final decision i say everything because you may be confused on how to choose. If you choose wrong you will be left behind and that is a guarantee in life. let me explain in detail.

Mr. soap fundraiser chooses to work with a middle man | or a different manufacture who does not pave ways for the future. Your cornerstone will eventually be eliminated but the corporation who secures, produces, designs products that never existed.

The only way to stay on top is to work with the top. I have seen this happen many times. Quality, formulation,  satisfaction, warranty, insured brands, patents, new chemical engineering, strong brands, who the company is and what they can do, what you can do together vs alone.

Lets say you have an idea like millions of people and you want to operate this on a small scale on your own. Even then you cut your self short because working together would have increased your margin by 10 fold.

How your start your business and who you work with is your choice. Its not my job to convince you to work with us. That's your choice. In the end your success is our success. Our company, brands, reputation will always emerge in this world. Don't cut yourself short and be left behind. Good luck on your journey the smartest think/Thing you could do is choose right, be responsible, be serious and hope for the best.

Now to answer the question " Why us - Royel Corp WET"

We created this field and market. We paved the way for anyone you see in this field and market channel. We provided services, training, information to be successful. Choose a company in this field and market channel. Without us there would not be successful or here today. Remember we created. Since the beginning there was void.

Who we are: Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacture in cleaning chemicals and laundry detergents. We are  chemical engineering lab and testing laboratory. We build brands for the future. We test them, patent, warranty, insure.

We are not just a guy slapping two things together and say i have something new. NO! We design, consider all patent reviews, determine what the market needs, how to make a product better, how to make it stable for years. Three years, four years, five years, we test them in storage and weather conditions. Before we release a new product development, years of work have been put into place, procedure, testing, patent applications product. Quality control is key here, before all products are produced and released.

This is the difference between working with a guy slapping something together and working with a major engineering manufacture.

All products come with 100% manufacture warranty, satisfaction, quality control, product engineered developments, quality formulations and insured. This is who we are what we do. We do it so well this is the key foundation for you guys to be successful.

We are a strong company recognized by major corporations, we care some of the strongest brands for the future markets. Our products are coded with serial numbers so we can track one out of a million sold if needed. Retainers are kept for monitoring, warranty and insurance purposes.

Again we created the foundation on which this platform stand on. Choosing someone other is only a copy cat thinking they can do what we do here. But what we do and who we are is on a scale beyond there scope of achievements. We are so well in tuned we are become a considered engineering lab for other major corporations in chemicals.

Our Brands: Alondra Detergent | Rhea Detergent | Alondra Pillows | Soffia Softener | Royel Corp WET - Google us. Its so simple to see hundreds of thousands of positive views on our brands and products.

Another key element, before you get into any business you want to make sure you covered, work with a company that will stand behind their brands.

True facts: People call us all the time asking us to build a product cheap but looks good and smells good. We do not do that here. We understand the market. There are very good brands detergents in the market everywhere. The customer knows what is like to use a certain type of detergents at their retail locations. When using a product they will use it according to what there use too. If the quality of the product does not match up and the stain are still there you will eventually loose the customer.

Being successful:

Being successful is not to sell a product to a customer once or twice and selling a bunch only to loose the account sooner or later.

Being successful is giving the customer a quality product they can respect, trust, use and satisfied.

The results:

This customer will continue to buy from you for 15 - 20 years, recommend you to family members, friends, co-workers, etc. This is being successful.

Together we can accomplish many obstacles - Move forwards into the future leaving the past within the past.

Join us: Royel Corp WET - The future of chemical engineering.

By: Royel Corp WET | Laundry Detergent Fundraiser ®


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