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Alondra & Rhea Detergent Sold in bulk $11.40 per 5 gallons
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 Posted: Friday January 27th, 2017 07:22 pm



Alondra & Rhea Detergent Sold in bulk $11.40 per 5 gallons

Strong national brand:  Alondra & Rhea detergent un-packaged sold in bulk $11.40 per 5 gallons.

Are you interested in doing your own packaging of our brands or buying in bulk for use?

Alondra & Rhea Detergent is a high quality brand and products trusted by millions of people and companies around the world.

Royel Crop WET is a leading and chosen manufacture to product high quality brands, we offer services in private label, store brands, custom blends and specialty chemicals.

The difference between who we are vs another vendor

First we are a leading manufacture chosen by big companies for various chemicals blends, national brands around the world for various reasons.

High quality, High performance, 100% manufacture warranty, 90% discount shipping rates, satisfaction guarantee, products insured for 3 million, chemical testing and engineering.

When you buy from us you know your getting a strong national brand product Alondra & Rhea. The facts are there if you look.

Capability we can drop ship pallets anywhere at 90% discount at a 2-3 day turn around time frame.

The other vendor

Not a top leading national brand, or strong trusted brand name in the market. Most likely very low solid counts in which is the same as washing with water.

Quality does matter, generic brands do not last long in the market and the companies who sell them don't either and that's the honest truth.

Being successful is not selling someone detergent a few times for them to realize they got screw over or the product was not very good.

Being successful is giving the customer a product that meets all expectations and performances and keeping that account for 15, 20 years and having them recommend your brand to others.

There is a reason royel corp wet is the leader we analyze the markets, build high quality products, quality is very very important to us and the end customer as well. Major brands and corporations did not get at our level by tricking the customer. Reality of everything is based on high quality and high success rates.

Check for yourself. Also check your generic brands if you choose to go backwards in this business. But i can tell you burning bridges never ends in success.

Contact us 773-590-0722


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